Tai Chi

Tai Chi


St Mary Abbots Centre

Vicarage Gate



W8 4HN


Christine Casimir

07889 827398
[email protected]

Dates and times:

If your symptoms are progressing, focus on exercise that takes effort and pushes you. And target your symptoms. Things like yoga, tai chi, Pilates and dance will help with movement, balance, strength and flexibility.

Focusing on exercise that takes effort and targets your symptoms helps motivation. It also makes maintaining a positive attitude, easier. Tai Chi, Pilates, Dance and Yoga all help combat stiffness of movement and can improve balance, strength, flexibility and stretching.

This takes place once a month - Wednesday or Thursday between 13.00 and 14.00.  Attendance is growing for this activity.  Our previous Tai Chi teacher has returned to America, but Jane Brannan, who previously assisted Kele, will continue the classes.

Next dates: Thursday 17 October, Thursday 21 November and Thursday 19 December

If you have any feedback about this activity, please let us know at [email protected]

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