Seated Exercise and Low Impact Exercise

Seated Exercise and Low Impact Exercise


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If your symptoms are more complex, focus on everyday activities you have difficulty with. Chair-based exercise can help you stay safe and feel confident.

We run a number of low impact exercise classes. These classes are all about movement.  If you have a problem with balance, are an older adult or are in rehabilitation then this is the class for you.  The exercises are run at your pace either standing or using a chair in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  Equipment such as light weights, resistance bands and foam balls are used to help keep your body moving.

For locations, days and time look on our website.

Please note that this activity is not organised by Parkinson's UK (company number 00948776). Parkinson’s UK is not responsible for the activity and is not liable for any advice given or treatment received, or for any loss or damage incurred because of attending the activity.


If you have any feedback about this activity, please let us know at [email protected]

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